Woke the fuck up at 5:30 so I could get my life together long enough to go to fucking yoga flow* at 6:30 because my boss decided to schedule all of our AV meetings at 7:15 otherwise known at in the middle of power yoga** only for the fucking instructor to not show up.

It’s not like I use the free rec center yoga class in place of expensive physical therapy for my back.

You’ve disappointed me for the last time, General.

*all about the flow from pose to pose - great for beginners

**all about balance and core strength - you know, the things you need to help with L5 and S1 slipped discs.


My organization skills are incredible. I feel v zen right now.



mason raymond’s sick spin-o-rama shootout goal 03/12/2013

Rest in peace, spin-o-rama



Las Piedras by fofolara


What do you know about American flag booty shorts? #Swag

What is the chemistry behind sleep?
Asked by badsweaters



Two chemicals are important when it comes to sleep: adenosine and melatonin.

Adenosine constantly builds up in your body during the day as you use energy. It binds to receptors in the brain and generates feelings of tiredness. One of the reasons that caffeine is so good at keeping you awake is because it competes with adenosine to bind to these receptors, temporarily preventing feelings of sleepiness. Adenosine is removed during sleep by enzymes, and the body slowly awakens as concentrations of it in the brain reduce.

Melatonin is a hormone produced within the brain that also contributes to sleep. It also induces drowsiness; however, its production is very sensitive to light, particularly blue light, and this suppresses production of melatonin. This is why you’re naturally inclined to wake up when the sun comes up - the light prevents as much melatonin from being produced. Melatonin takes a little while to be cleared when you wake up, which is why it’s very easy to fall back asleep immediately after waking. It’s also commonly used as a supplement for people who have trouble sleeping.

Hope that answers your question!

This is actually a pretty good answer, form a chemical perspective at least. The neuroscience, of course, is a bit more complex.







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