Miracle + text posts (part 3)


In A New Hope, Luke’s all-white clothes make a stark contrast with Vader’s all-black ensemble hearkening back to the serial westerns of the 1940s and 1950s, in which the goods wore white and the bads, black. Luke’s outfits continue to emphasize his characterization in this way throughout the trilogy. In The Empire Strikes Back, when he journeys to meet Yoda or to rescue his friends on Bespin, his fatigues are a light gray, showing that he has traveled from the innocent idealism of his youth and has placed himself in peril of straying to the Dark Side. By the time we get to Return of the Jedi, he has adopted an all-black wardrobe, not meaning he has gone over to the Dark Side, but instead, recalling a priest or monk’s garb, and linking him visually to his father, with whose fate he is so deeply connected with.

the “from white to gray to black” evolution


Kurt Vonnegut - The Sirens of Titan


Yoga was a lot more intense today. I think it’s because I’m still a little sore from Monday.

Definitely needed it to get out all the bad vibes from statics.

I talked to not-boyfriend yesterday and am about to go surprise my friend with a birthday thing soon.

Not gonna lie I wish not-boyfriend was here because I really need some casual intimacy. Like babe I miss you laying in my lap while I paint my nails. Come visit soon please.



Hooper’s Inlet by Astronomr on Flickr.

Tramite Flickr:
The Milky Way rises up over Hooper’s Inlet, Otago Peninsula, NZ


Hello darkness my old friend.




I don’t know if anyone noticed this (because it gave me a little chuckle when I first saw it in Walnut, CA at Corps at the Crest) but in SCV12 (Music of the Starry Night), there’s a set with a giant zigzag across the field that forms just before the corps begins Mars. 

OKAY so Mars (the actual planet) does this thing called retrograde motion every two years or so where it appears to move across the sky, reverse in direction, and then continue back in its original direction (forming a zigzag shape if tracked). I mean, obviously http://mars.nasa.gov/allaboutmars/nightsky/retrograde/ is better at explaining it than I am.

So moral of the story, I don’t know if Pete Weber was being tricky or clever or just coincidentally wrote the drill to look like Mars, but I thought it was cool little gem and thought most people wouldn’t have noticed it. The more you know.

This is really freaking awesome!


Yoga was v relaxing tonight and I am such a positive frame of mind. I’m super psyched for my physics homework and even my mechanics homework and go to to yoga again on Wednesday. (:

Happy Monday!!!


I learned a cool thing in physics today


Never underestimate the importance of a pizza cutter. 

My shirt says, “I have no idea what I am doing”. 

Today that rang true. 

I’m literally taking bites out of this pizza as a whole because I didn’t cut it. 



Sir Albert Einstein once said ”After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in aesthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are artists as well.”  And I think that string art is one of the artworks of mathematics. Also, the calculations of string art  are really interesting.

Here is the menthod to find the intersection envelope for string art ideas:  Find the intersiction envelope (on plus.maths.org).  Also, we can extend the menthod in the case the line intersects the x axis at a certain point t.  It’s function  y_t(x), is o at t, and c-t at 0. 


Math gifs: Geometric contruction of the parabola on matthen.tumblr - Cylinder 3-d on mathisfun.tumblr

6 menthods to make some string art works How do you make on stringart.ro -  String art Wooden on etsy.

More string art!